Wonderful Waterproof Stickers for Advertising

12/02/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

One of the more creative ways to advertise is with waterproof stickers. If you are mostly trying to advertise locally, then consider that these are cheap, easy, and a bit fun. If you give a kid a bumper sticker, the odds are it will end up on mum & dad’s car so that everywhere they go, your message will be proclaimed.  People in traffic often read these, just to relieve the boredom of driving.  These are the same people who likely just throw away ads, they get in the mail and/or paper without even looking at them.
You could get a lot of small ones that can be given away as promotional items, and no telling where they will end up being stuck.  Businesses that are not your competition may not mind having them in their window as long as they look nice. Therefore, it is a good thing you can find ones that are brightly coloured, shinny, and just simply look good. With the ability to withstand water, these can last out in the world a long time. This makes your advertising dollars go a lot further. 
As long as these are not stuck in the wrong place, people will not be bothered by them. There are so many bothersome, aggressive, and annoying methods of trying to advertise. It is nice to have simple waterproof stickers to have a way to tell people about yourself without disturbing anybody.



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