Should I choose gloss or matt vinyl material for my adhesive stickers?

26/08/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary


This has been asked many times when customers order our adhesive labels and stickers, when you order our stickers & labels you have a choice of matt or gloss vinyl.

Gloss vinyl is shinny and reflects light the vinyl also absorbs the ink better than matt vinyl.

Gloss vinyl is also more durable in outdoor applications than matt vinyl due to it's better water repellent sheen,  the sheen allows water to run off the material and makes the sticker more water resistant than matt vinyl.

Matt vinyl does not reflect light so for applications (Barcodes ect) where light will cause problems this is the better alternative, this also makes the text and images easier to see.

Even though our matt vinyl stickers are waterproof we would recommend our gloss vinyl stickers for outdoor applications.

Both matt and gloss vinyl stickers are printed with 3 year indoor or outdoor inks.


Find out more information on our adhesive labels and stickers page.


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