Why do I need to advertise?

17/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Why advertise? Our product sells itself (or so many business owners would tell you). The simple fact is that nothing needs to be produced without a sale being there to make the profit. It is sales that make a company tick, be it a physical product or a service, or even both.

From wedding cars, to wheelie bin cleaning, from tyres to transporting your manufactured goods, every business relies on sales to keep it alive.

So where can sales come from? The general belief is that 10% of your revenue should be spent on promotional advertising and marketing (call it what you like), it all boils down to ‘getting sales’, and we will look at the various elements of advertising.

But first, what IS advertising? And do you need to advertise?

Advertising is a piece of communication intended to persuade an audience to take some sort of action with regard products or services. Be it a newspaper advertisement, a TV ad, a leaflet or flyer, or a PVC banner they are all advertising,  It really is as simple as that. Many will dress it up in fancy names, but when you pull away the fancy talk, it all ends up being advertising.

Not every business needs to advertise, but any business looking to increase sales, or increase a client base or even raise general awareness needs to advertise in some form or other.   All businesses need new clients, because of natural wastage through no fault of their own. Business change owners, staff move on, and this can cause even the best business to lose a client.  

Statistics tell us that on average a business will lose 10% - 20 % of its client base annually, some through their own fault, but many through no fault of their own. Statistics also tell us that 1 in 10 businesses close down or are under new ownership within a year, isn’t that a scary thought?

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