Where should I place my advertising banner for best results

26/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

As the estate agents all tell you, location location location, this is crucial as the best designed PVC banner or Mesh banner in the world will not get you any business if no-one sees it.

Where and how you display your banner is all part of the success.

HOW? Well yes, how is important. A limply hung banner all creased and folded will not work well; it will create a terrible impression of your business as people will think if IT is sloppy, then YOU are sloppy. So wherever you place it, make sure it is well secured and readable from all angles.  Another consideration is that a loose banner will be difficult to read and if it folds, then the whole message and design will be compromised, or worse, lost.

Where, is another huge element in success. You need to hang it where people will see, it, but not just people, the right people. You need to place it where people can read it, again crucial to the success. If they glance it then they miss it. They miss it, you lose out.  This is why you often see banners and fixed adverts at road junctions or traffic lights, they are there because people can read them there.

A flat surface where people drive towards it is ideal as they have longer with it in view, and, as a result, more time to register the content.

On foot it is a different matter, foot traffic needs to be at a readable height, but you must ensure that it will not be blocked by crowds, so ideally above head height, but not so high it is out of view.  If however ‘crowd obstruction’ is not an issue, then a banner stand on a grass verge away from foot traffic is idea.


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