What are the benefits of using banner printing in the uk

25/01/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

Recession and competition for customers has made promotional campaigns an unavoidable component in the business world today, none more so than in the small business sector.

The merchants and business owners are now looking for new and innovative promotional methods to promote their product or service. Often times some go to ridiculous lengths, without real thought and planning about return on investment. This is why both big and small companies and business outlets are turning to the humble advertising display banner. Time after time the humble banner has proved its worth from the early days of metal standing adverts, through to modern mesh and PVC vinyl banner materials, the banner is still one of the most, if not the most economical and highest yielding return on investment adverts.

The banners made from vinyl material are most common for sales promotion, advertising and announcing events, as these are all highly durable and can be used indoor or outdoor. You might well wonder why these vinyl banners are so popular these days.  The reason could be its cost effectiveness. When a small company go for banner printing it is often due to their affordability with 6 foot by 2 foot banners coming in at around £30 if you buy online.

Such a small outlay allows for low cost market testing, think up an offer that is unique to the banner, get them to mention the advert, and you have market testing on a rough and ready basis! Bigger companies and organisations use banners to supplement their main adverts. Tesco for example often use banners to promote the release of a new DVD, or their double points offers. They know how well a banner will work, which is why they use them.

As well as the obvious economic benefits, custom banners deliver many other benefits. Flexibility is one such quality. By flexibility, I am not talking about the material in a physical sense, (although that is certainly the case), I am talking about the flexibility of having whatever you want on the advert. If it can be created on a computer, it can be printed on a banner (pretty much).

The better banner printing UK companies will allow you to upload your own artwork, with the best companies offering to design for you. A word of caution here, unless you really know advertising, leave the design to the professionals as they will  know all about return on investment and how to get the most from design. You can get on with the sales offers message etc, and leave the actual design to the pro's, always best if you want a better return.

Finally, work out how you are going to display your banner, be it hanging attached to a building or fence, or on a free standing banner frame display stand. Then once positioned, sit back and get ready for the customers to roll in.



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