Top Five Demotivators at Work

31/05/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

Among corporate office staff rooms and meeting rooms up and down the country you’ll find walls plastered with oh-so ‘inspiring’ posters, quotes and advice left by the management to keep their staff supposedly motivated and boast moral throughout for the day.

Yep words and images can be extremely powerful things – but hey, let’s face it, some are just plain overused and boring. These posters have become a cliché and do little to make people more productive. If you don’t want your colleagues rolling their eyes at some over used quote, why just not tell it like it is and use some Demotivators ?

Here’s our guide to the top 5 demotivators


bored at work 2.jpg

Overworked? Check.  Underpaid? Yes. Working overtime for the 5th time this week? Uh-huh. Then join the other millions of us out there! Just avoid telling your boss they are a slave driver unless you want to be picking up your last pay cheque this week.  Grit your teeth and treat it as a kind of boot camp. What’s the saying? What doesn’t kill you …


bored at work 1.jpg

As this demotivator suggests you should never be bored around the office. With a little imagination and plenty of time on your hands just look at what can be achieved! Remember to call the papers and let them know you are working on a new art instaliation. Your boss will thank you for your initiative and for the free PR exposure. 

 bored at work 3.jpg

This poster will have Health and Safety Officers crying out “I told you so!” up and down the country.  See, there was a reason your Health and Safety Officer told you to sit up straight and properly at your desk and to be aware of your nearest fire assembly point.  Pretty useful stuff when the fire alarm goes off and you’ve gone and got yourself ‘lost’ filing important documents in the basement and are now wondering where the hell you are supposed to be. 

 bored at work 5.jpg


Taken 10 tea breaks, a two hour lunch break and 4 loo breaks by 10pm already? Nice work if you can get it! Just remember the golden rule. Make sure you look busy at all times and no, Facebook, Twitter and Digg, do not count. Best make sure you install a warning button too for when the boss appears in your office. 

bored at work 6.jpg


Can’t face going back to work this Monday? Had an over excessive weekend and need that extra day to sort yourself out? Well best get your ‘I’m too sick to come into work today’ excuse at the ready.  Here are a couple you may want to try.

Dave can't come to work today because, I, his other personality has taken over and I don’t work.

I just called to say I couldn't make it to work today. My computer has a virus and I have been up all night cleaning up after and tending to it.


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