Targeting Your Banner Design To Your Market Niche

29/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Many overlook targeting when they design an advert, and this gets worse the lower down the ‘ad experience’ chain you get.

While at the top end of the market where companies spend millions ensuring everything is spot on laser targeted, at the lower end ‘impulse’ buy advertising, people waste large chunks of their money by simply not thinking about it properly.

For example, is a pink banner a good or bad idea? 

There really is only 1 answer to that question, and that is ‘it depends’ and WHAT it depends on is what we are talking about here.  Pink is a great colour, it conjures up little girls, princesses, Brides and weddings etc.  But Pink is also rapidly becoming associated with charity work, more specifically cancer charities.  So we know that colour is an important part of who will be attracted to read. Here we go again with the ‘attention, Interest, desire and action’ thing, there really is no getting away from it.

The same products need also to be sold differently to different groups.  Take weddings as an example. The bride is going to be looking for fluffy pink bows and ribbons, while the groom is going to be more interested in a Ferrari or Porsche. The bride will want pink the groom will want black, BUT and again here is another key point, it is the bride that will make most of the decisions, so you must ensure you are appealing to her.

Targeting your Banner to the correct audience is important, you should always consider the demographic of your ideal target market, as this will help you to focus your content.


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