So what exactly is a banner and what can it do?

25/01/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

Put simply, a banner is a piece of material, normally PVC (plastic) that bears a sign, logo, slogan or message. A banner is also on occasion known as a flag and making traditional banners or pennants is an ancient skill. In olden days banners were used by armies. Today, we normally use banners mainly for 2 reasons with regard advertising, those being online banner advertisements on the internet, and printed banners used for display advertising offline.

The banners are anything from a foot high, to a total building wrap.  Apart from design, the most important thing is its position, ensuring you place your banner in front of the right people is key to success, only that brings the required audience and maximum exposure and return on investment. Normally banners are found in places of huge footfall, or drive by, where many number of people visit frequently like exhibitions and in sports venues at the side of the road, near supermarkets and trading estates or at road junctions where traffic is often stopped.

There are many types of banners available in the marketplace for the purpose of advertising, but the most commonly used is outdoor banners. Full colour banners are often designed in an appealing way by clever use of graphics and digital technology, which includes photographs to display the product service.

Roller banner stands are a new way to show banners to the public and this leaves a good impression of the product to the reader (as long as the design is good of course). The significance of a good banner is, the message written in simple and clear ways, getting the old AIDA addage right. Outdoor banner advertisements make people aware of the products and services, of offers and up and coming events or deals, draws new clients to the business, and reminds old clients of your name.

AIDA is a simple advertising and sale acronym and it means attention, interest, desire, action. All good advertisements, be they static banners, or moving image video, all follow the same pattern.

Grab the attention, get the interest, build the desire, and then ask for an action.

Simple but effective, and any good banner designer will ensure these elements are present in your PVC banner, mesh banner or vinyl banner.


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