Letting it All Hang Out—Your Plastic Banner That Is

20/11/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

After you have met with the banner printing company you have chosen to produce your banner, picked out the color scheme, the logo, the material and you have focused all your time and attention on the minute details of a professionally designed plastic banner.

The plastic banner arrives perfect and lovely, and you eagerly rip open the box check for any misspellings or errors, a beautiful plastic banner made exclusively for your business.

Then you spy the rest of the package's contents—poles, rope, tie downs, anchors, etc. You were thrilled to see the plastic banner, but now you are intimidated by the large amount of stuff to hang the banner.

Perhaps, you let the plastic banner sit around for while—no, it will not hang itself! While you may be thrilled with your plastic banner, the plastic banner will do your business no good if you do not hang the banner up properly.

In order to hang your plastic banner, you should have a predetermined spot for the banner.

This is one of the first steps before purchasing your product, so you should already know where it will be placed, walk around the spot where the plastic banner will be placed, and clean up any rubbish or junk around the area you will fit the banner.

If you are hanging it outside, Even though, you did not place the trash there, a messy area around your plastic banner does not give a good impression about your business.

Secondly, ask one of your fellow co-workers to lend you a hand with the set-up process. Both of you should read the directions carefully for the set-up of your plastic banner. 

Preferably on a non-windy day, unroll your plastic banner on the ground, this will show you the dimensions of the plastic banner and where the poles should be placed.

Align the poles and insert them into the ground. After the poles are securely in the ground, attach your lovely plastic banner to the poles (or simply tie it to the wall or fencing if using rope fixing).

Now you have installed your outdoor plastic banner, just make sure you check on your plastic banner so you can make sure it is still standing or fixed properly, and clean up the area from time to time.


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