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10/05/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

At Discount Banner Printing we often work will a range of promoters looking for excellent quality posters or flyers to help promote their event.

Having worked with promoters for years we’ve picked up some good tips to make you’re your event is promoted properly to get as many people as possible through your doors. To reach the biggest amount of people possible a smart mix of both online and offline marketing should ensure your conference, event or gig gets the maximum exposure possible.


Consider offline promotion

Carpet you house

With free social media marketing offline promotion is becoming increasingly overlooked – which means you may well be missing a trick missing some of your target audience. Well-designed cost effective posters and flyers can provide a great marketing tool if distributed in areas which your target audience are likely to frequent. 

To create a visual identity for your event you’ll need to work a designer or a good quality printer who have experience designing posters and flyers for your event type and can advise on printing options and formats.

Before submitting your ideas or design to the printers make sure you provide the correct copy. Many promoters miss important key details such as pricing information, event dates and venue information – a real nightmare if you’ve already paid for your posters and have got home to find missing or incorrect information! Make sure you proof and proof again.


Use the press to your advantage


Most good promoters know that securing local print, radio or even national coverage for your event will do wonders to get it noticed. A well-written press release can alert local journalists to what is happening and when. However, a common mistake many people make when distributing a press release is overlooking a key factor – not thinking strategically.  When distributing your press release it is important to consider not just where you would like to be seen but  where you should be seen. If you are putting on a rock gig it’s unlikely that the local press will see it as newsworthy, unless it has a community or local focus – but it is likely that an interesting charity fundraising event will grab their attention.

Do your research – don’t forget print and online culture magazines, webzines and blogs that would have an interest in your event. 

Make sure your release is well-written with all the key information and be sure to make sure key players involved will be available for any possible interviews.


Use social media to its full advantage


Many of us know how to market events on Twitter and Facebook but just setting up and event page or putting up the occasional tweet will mean you are not using social media to its full advantage.

Many people get a Facebook invite to an event and agree (in principle) to go and then forget about it a later date. Regular event wall updates from you or agreed attendees will remind your potential event goers about the event again without bombarding them with multiple emails.

Many people now have apps for their smart phones and if utilised they are a great little way to give your event a last little push. Encourage people attending the event to use the Facebook check in app when they arrive by running a contest or freebie. Users can also tag their friends they have arrived with which notifies other friends that something is happening at the venue – a fantastic way to get some last minute people along.

When using Twitter, get people interacting before an event is easy by setting up a hash tag (#) with a designated keyword or phrase. This gets people to hype your event before it has happened and is an excellent way for you to keep track on what is being said. It can also alert people to any major changes in the event and gives people a chance that have missed the event to see what people were talking about during it.

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