How to create eye catching designers for your banners and stickers which work

22/03/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

5 simple tips to make the designs of your banners or stickers more eye-catching, more impressive and more compelling.

1). Contrast

A general rule of thumb is that the more contrast there is, the more noticeable a particular element (such as a logo or text) will stand out. For example, black on white is very high contrast, but dark grey on light grey is low contrast. High contrast will generally make text more readable, so avoid any temptation to use low contrast colours in key pieces of information on the banner or sticker. The more they stand out, the better they will perform.

2). Consider how your banner or sticker is being used

Before you begin, think about where they will be placed and the distance they will be read from. The closer or further away readers are likely to be, the smaller or larger any key information should be made. If possible, ensure the sizes are correct by printing out a sample of the text in the correct font size using your home printer, and then step back far enough to ensure that letters and words can be clearly made out. Sometimes the size of the design on a computer screen can be misleading and result in text which is either too small or unnecessarily large.

Also consider factors such as lighting, and day and night. If the banner is being used in a night time environment, double check that words and colours can be clearly made out.

Finally, work out how long passers-by will have to view your banner. If they’re walking past, they may have a few seconds to absorb a sentence or two. However, if they’re driving past, they may only have a fleeting glimpse, which is all you would have to get your point across. Adapt your design to suit.

3). Use your branding

Don’t forget to keep your branding uniform throughout your marketing, including banners and stickers. Your existing logo can provide great inspiration by imitating colours, shapes and font styles, so if you base your design around your approved business logo, then you can’t go far wrong.

If you choose a FREE banner or sticker design with your order from Discount Banner Printing, then we can base your design on any existing logos or brand material you have.

4). Put your headline first

Whilst graphics look appealing and improve professionalism, they should not be prioritised over the main message of your banner or sticker. After all, it’s those all-important words, whether it’s an offer or a name, which is the reason for the banner in the first place. Make sure any key wording is big and bold so it turns heads and gets the key message across within seconds.

Also, if you intend to receive a response (such as a phone call or a visit to your website), make sure the contact details prominent and easy to absorb. Short, simple website URLs and shorter landline numbers instead of mobile numbers can help.

5). Experiment with shape and size

When you think of banners, that letterbox-shape often comes to mind. Similarly, most stickers are small with a square or circular shape.

However, your design doesn’t have to be confined to the traditional shapes and sizes. At Discount Banner Printing, virtually any sized banner and sticker can be created, with a range of shapes.

Not only does this make them stand out more, but it also gives you more of an artistic license when it comes to your design. For example, you may have a square-shaped logo, but instead of shrinking it down to fit into a thin rectangular banner, simply change the shape of the banner itself!

It’s also very easy to order with Discount Banner Printing with there instant online calculator, simply find the product that your are looking for and type in the dimensions to instantly receive a quote.


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