How to choose a pvc banner printed with your own design.

28/02/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

Not all banners are the same. When looking for a pvc banner printed with your logo, photographs etc. then you need to initially consider a range of features that can change your banner from a standard into a superior quality and performing one. The first consideration is that of the thickness. In order for the banner to be durable enough, you need to consider 520 gsm vinyl, with the material being tear and fade resistant so that your banner advert will look like new for as many years as possible.

In order to put your banner up, there is a need for eyelets, with brass being the ultimate choice, located every two feet along your piece. Hemming is also essential in order to avoid fraying when placed outdoors. High resolution printing is necessary in order that there is clarity on your pvc banner.

Overall, when looking for a pvc banner printed with your own designs, then take the time to talk to our professionals, who are able to offer expert advice for free, guiding you simply and easily to the banner of your choice.



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