Hidden messages in advertising

26/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Ad guys often use subliminal messages in their adverts, mainly as the saying goes ‘sex sells’, and boy do we see it used all the time.

The most notable in distant years has been the flake advert, you remember the one, where the pretty blond unwrapped and eat a flake?

So why do they do that what is the point? Well the point is that old AIDA thing again, (attention, interest, desire, action) and the words FREE or SEX certainly gets the attention while a pretty blond will make you want to watch and be interested, desire? Well best not go there.

The whole thing here however is that ad makers will resort to almost any means to get you to take note of what is being said.

Subliminal messages affect the outcome, by adding a wedding image in your engagement advert, you are raising expectancy. By placing a relatively cheap item alongside a Rolls Royse image, you are sending out a subliminal message that the product is in fact QUALITY.

You need to consider this when designing your banner advert to ensure maximum return on investment.


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