Great Banner Design Equals Better Return

06/02/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

What makes a display advert memorable is often not what you want people to remember.  Some of the off the wall tobacco adverts of old were so odd that the product was often not benefiting at all as the reader could not remember the product.

Who among us doesn't get their eye caught by a well designed advert? For blokes it is easy, drape a pretty gal in a bikini and you have the first step of the sale, Attention!

Even if you don’t take up the product or service that the banner is offering, we all do tend to glance at an outdoor banner. firstly because it is there and you dont pay to look at it, and secondly because the way banner printing is done now, using full colour 16million colour technology, outdoor banners have turned into massive attention grabbers.

So many companies use outdoor banner advertising, from the local sewing shop through McDonalds, Tesco and all the big supermarkets

In fact whenever you drive down the road, you are confronted with banners, BUT you look at them all, immediately filter out the ones of no interest and read those that are.

Banner printing in the past was only on paper, but these days they are printed on a variety of materials including the popular PVC and mesh vinyl banners or banner wraps. Although paper is still used for some types of indoor banners. A new entrant into banner printing for outdoor banners is banners printed on mesh which has holes in it to allow wind to pass through, making it ideal for buildings or areas where the wind might be strong

The increasing popularity of banner printing is showing itself in trade shows and exhibitions with the Roller banner stand , a device that is essentially a banner in a metal case. It is portable and simple to erect, and is often seen within supermarkets.

A good outdoor banner is conceived, designed and printed in such a way that they simply demand to be looked at. In fact they are mesmerising to the extent that even passers by often stop and stare .

Every time you go shopping you see outdoor banners for a new this or a special offer on that, well don’t you go inside, check out the offer and then sometimes end up buying them The potential for outdoor banner advertising is infinite, it can do almost any task you ask of it, but it all comes down to getting the message to the reader in a way that makes them remember it.

Banner design and layout, get great results from your outdoor banner advertising.

So you have worked hard, to make your business everything you want it to be, you have kitted your shop out, you have stocked it up, you have honed your skills if you provide a service, and all you need now to conquer the world is customers! How do you get them though?

This is the age old problem. Across the world they used barkers, or off site canvassers as they now call them in time share. But this isn't practical or acceptable in the UK, the great British reserve simply won't allow it. So then, what do you do?

You advertise, that is what you do. Plain and simple you advertise, you get your message out to the right people, and the most popular method of doing this currently is with banner advertising.

Why banner advertising?

The answer to this is twofold. Flexibility and affordability. PVC banners, mesh banners and other forms of banner printing is very affordable and within the pocket of any business, even a shoestring business. We have to ensure though that we spend our money wisely, as even a single £1 with no return is a bad investment!

The key to good results from banner advertising is great design, get this right and you will be creaming the sales in. Get it wrong and you will get nothing. Design covers a multitude of elements, but the basics are the same as for all advertising. attention - interest - desire - action. And this can be achieved in many ways. LARGE FONTS for example stand out. Bright colours also stand out, and you need to ensure your headline grabs and tells the story.

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There is good news for you, and that good news is that the better banner design company will offer a design service, and the best banner design companies will offer it for free. So speak to your designer at the banner company, give him your thoughts, and then relax while a professional designs a winning banner for you.

Oh, you will not be sitting back for long however, as the business will start coming in as soon as it goes live to the public.


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