Fixing An Outdoor Banner - What to Consider

01/05/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

You spend a lot of money on your plastic PVC or Mesh banner in the hope of it lasting for a long period of time intact, in a good location. However, the elements are a formidable opponent as anyone whoever's left any form of advertising outside will tell you. To counter, the wind, rain and other conditions you must be sure that the banner is safely affixed to the building. So, what should be considered when fixing an outdoor banner?



The biggest trouble your banner will ever face will be the wind. Simple physics would suggest that a banner is similar to a sail and is easily caught by the wind due to the area it takes up. Of course, in the case of a boat, it traps the wind and brings it wherever you require. As the banner is attached usually to a fixed item, this is not going to be the case as no building is going to move too far.

Elasticised ties are best for attaching a banner to a building as they provide an element of give. Ideally, bungee ties, or a bungee rope, this is as they transfer the energy from the banner using the elasticised ties, during this process the wind loses some of its power, and your banner is less strained. If you used rope, or cable ties, for instance, you place greater pressure on the banner, and it will end up more likely to rip. Of course, the closer you affix the banner to a surface the less wind can get behind it and so the less odds-on it is to rip.


One other very important consideration with banners is to place them at a height. This is down to two things, children and drunk people. Both kinds of people find pulling a banner down hilarious act. Students, who generally fall in between both demographics, really enjoy grabbing a banner and bringing it home with them, to place above their mantelpiece. Make sure your banner is a good height off the ground and not within any climbable assist that could render it part of a student's bedroom.


Though wind is obviously part of the whole weather thing, we thought it was by far the most likely cause of damage it deserved its own section. However, other weather can have significant effect on your banner. Be certain your banner is UV stable to avoid it fading in the sunlight. Furthermore, be sure it and the ties you use are waterproof as otherwise you may have problems with rotting within a short period of time.

Remember it's Temporary.

Banners are created as temporary signs and even the best made one will show some signs of wear after a few years in the outdoors. These banners have a short lifespan, and so you should use commonsense to look after them and keep them like new. Try to avoid direct sunlight, winters and placing them in tornado zones, and you're sure to add to their longevity.


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