5 ways to make more money with banners

29/03/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

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Banners sure are a great way to get the word out, aren’t they?

They’re big, bold and often very cheap, so don’t miss out on these 5 inventive ways to use banners for instant powerful business exposure which draws in a crowd.

1). Promote your brand with PVC banners

It’s a banner every business should have! Simply put your logo across it high and wide and keep it nearby for a great versatile branding tool. You simply never know when you might be in a perfect situation to unfurl your banner and grab extra exposure from nearby people.

2). Premises signage

Plastic correx signs can be expensive, especially across a large storefront. However, banners are a high quality alternative which is cheaper and just as good. Instead of installing a custom correx sign, simply secure your printed banner to the front of your premises for quick, cheap and professional looking signage.

Banners used for shop front signage are also great for changing your promotion every month and getting the full advertising use of your shop front .

3). Promote your event

One-off or regular events can be promoted thanks to such low PVC banner costs, especially from Discount Banner Printing. The banner can be used as a promotional tool with information about the event, and it can also double up as the official signage during the event itself, whether it’s indoors or outdoors across a wall or fence.

Remember that big logo banner from point number one? You could even put that up too!

4). Promote social networking

Websites like Facebook are such a fantastic way to get the word out and communicate with potential customers, so increase your Facebook following with a dedicated banner. Using the banner to promote incentives for ‘liking’ your Facebook business profile can result in plenty of new potential customers to talk to, who could also check out your business website in the process!

5). Promote an offer

Let’s look at just how cheap quality PVC banners can be. At Discount Banner Printing, a 10 foot wide PVC banner can cost as little as £30, with free delivery and an optional free design service!

Many businesses have single time-sensitive offers where they spend far more than that on flyers and other promotional materials which are only useful for a single offer, so why not throw banners into the mix as well? Promoting your latest offer in a key location could draw in hundreds of interested people. Once the offer is over, simply roll the banner up and keep it in case you ever decide to provide the offer again!

With such low prices, you simply don’t have to invest in one large banner for every purpose. Banners for individual offers could easily pay for themselves with such great exposure.

To learn more about banners from as little as £30 with free delivery and optional free design, visit www.discountbannerprinting.co.uk or call 01302 530077.





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