Finding your niche and marketing to it

02/11/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Niche marketing is a phrase used a lot online, but some really use it without knowing what it really means.  A niche can be a demographic, a region, or a product type, but then again, every single product ever sold is technically also a niche product, as the person bought a specific item.

Generally it is accepted that niche marketing refers to marketing either a specific product or tight product range, and or marketing to a specific tight demographic based on age or other social group.

A large part of the success of the niche marketing is understanding why it appeals to potential buyers.  Get this wrong, and your marketing efforts will fail. Get it right and you can look forward to bringing home the bacon.

How you promote your product and service to your niche is mission critical, it is very sensitive to positioning within the market. Let’s for example say we are looking at a wedding venue, but that venue wants to cater for the smaller budget wedding.  How will they get their message across? How will they ensure the right people read it?

Ok we have 2 areas here ‘budget’ and ‘small’ so these must absolutely lead any banner design, for if they don’t, it will surely miss the mark with the first shot of getting the attention of those who need to read it.


£900 Wedding Package – 30 guests - High Quality Small Price


As a headline that grabs the attention, it leads with price, it pushes quality and sets a level of expectancy on guest size. That headline is a niche headline, it is targeting the group it needs to, and getting them to read on. In short, it has done its job. The next stage is to write the body copy and add an illustration, a luxury image showing grand delivery at the budget price will hit the mark.


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