Do banners work best on their own?

26/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Many people fail to plan an overall strategy with regard their advertising and marketing, to the point of getting way to engrossed in a single aspect, at the cost of other elements.  It is not uncommon for business owners to get so focussed on the design image and layout, that they forget to add their telephone number, address or website etc.  Hard to believe, but oh so true!

You must plan a strategy from top to bottom, and best of all cross market them. If you are handing out leaflets then back it up with banner ads.  It is not uncommon for developers to run a newspaper advert, and leaflets/flyers  promoting a new housing development aimed at commuters, saying ‘be home before you know it’, only to have mesh banners SHOUTING out the message “YOU WOULD BE HOME BY NOW IF YOU LIVED HERE” placed on the outward side of the road from the city centre.

This sort of combined joined together thinking is what can make a huge difference to your return on investment.  Often someone will decide it is an either or choice, banners or leaflets, newspaper or radio etc. You would be better off setting a budget, then looking how to get best return for your spend.

As more and more businesses move out of town and into smaller industrial units, being found is more of a challenge. A simple banner ad on the side of a building or on a freestanding banner frame can tell the world what you do and where you are, two of the most important elements needed.

So what is wrong with having a banner stand with some leaflets on a string that can be taken away? As long as it is dry, then put them out. Have 2 banners, one saying OUR SERVICE… SLOW DOWN AND TAKE A LEAFLET, with the other just being a normal wet weather display banner. You can have the best of both worlds.

Remember that people who pass your banner once, will have a 90% chance of passing it again, and if it is done well, they will slow down and look, and maybe then visit your business.

WHAT – do you want them to do, this is so important if you are thinking of using banner printing as a means of advertising.

Hopefully now the idea of  throw an advert together and get results, has gone, and you will put more thought into combined crossover advertising spend. Consider all your efforts and see how you can cross market them. 


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