Cost effective advertising via PVC banners

02/02/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

The cost of any advertising campaign is always at the forefront of the business mind. But like all things in business cost is relative. for example 5000 A5 flyers might seem like good value at say £60, but for that you can get two full colour banners that can be seen by 50,000 or more people.

If you are a business enterprise, then you know the importance of placing your business into the minds of people in your catchment area. Your product or the services might well be top quality, but if people don't know or can't recall your name, then all is lost.

If you have not got the attention of potential buyers, then how can you sell to them? A constant advertisement campaign is a must for any business that wishes to grow. This can be achieved in a number of ways, leaflets as we mentioned earlier, telesales, radio ads, TV ads, newspaper ads, and banners. You cannot just put your feet up and relax even if you have an established brand because your competitors are hungry and they want what you have, and resting on your laurels is one way to lose out. As the saying goes, 'you snooze you loose'.

Banners are one of the cheaper methods of advertising and promotion and are available within the budget of even the smallest business, with prices to suit all pockets, as low as £20.

What is the Benefit of Banner Advertising

The benefits of banner advertising are many fold, the long term visibility is one major aspect that none can ignore? By Selecting vinyl banners which last a long time for outdoor use, you are getting full colour display advertising for many moons to come. day after day, the message being rammed down the throat of passers by.

Moreover, the design and layout is a piece of cake. with the better banner design companies providing a design service, the best offering this for free. The design of your banner is crucial to the success and directly related, get this stage wrong and you can throw money away. So speak to the designer, tell them what you want to achieve, and take their suggestions on board.

If your advert is inside then paper is ok, if outside then you want Vinyl PVC banners (also called plastic banners) or possibly mesh banners. Mesh banner material has micro holes in it which allows the wind to pass through, thus resisting the possibility of tear or damage through wind resistance.  The colour fastness on all banner material is very good and guaranteed to last .

So to recap. Banner advertising is

  • Low cost
  • High Quality
  • Weather proof
  • Windproof
  • Design flexible
  • Excellent for return on investment.


So what are you waiting for?


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