Choosing Colours for Your PVC Banner

18/01/2011  | by: Shaun Cleary

As a small business owner, you may feel overwhelmed when trying to market your business to others. The whole process takes too much of your valuable time, but you know how worthwhile a good marketing strategy is. After you have decided to purchase a PVC banner, you may think that your job is done. But alas, no, you still have some major decisions to make during the banner printing process. How large should your PVC Banner be? How will the PVC banner be hung or displayed? Since the PVC banner is part of a larger marketing strategy, you have mapped out where to place the banner and its size and shape. The next important element of your PVC banner is the design—how will your banner look? Of course, you could let the professionals who are skilled in banner printing do this for you, but you still need to provide input into the overall design.

First, you need to review your placement of the banner. You have thoughtfully considered when your desired location for the PVC banner will be seen by the most people. This information will help you design the best PVC banner. How you may ask? You need to know how the sunlight or lack thereof will affect those viewing your banner. For example, if you banner has a white background, this may make the banner harder to read during the morning hours. If you banner has a dark background, it may be harder to read in low light.

Secondly, once you know when your PVC banner will be seen by the most people, you need to choose the colour scheme. Most businesses want to have a cohesive colour scheme in all of their materials. Your PVC banner should reflect your business's primary colour. Since many banner printing services charge per colour used (Unlike Discount Banner Printing), your overall PVC banner design should reflect the primary colour seen in your business's marketing materials. Once you choose a colour closest to your primary colour, you can consult with the banner printing experts about any secondary colours in the PVC banner design. When you are involved in the whole banner printing process, you will have a wonderful PVC banner for your marketing needs.


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