Why printed labels and stickers are a great way to promote your business

20/04/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

In a crowded job market it is sometimes hard to get your message across and build upon your businesses brand. Nearly every successful business today will have an understanding of marketing and is looking to brand and promote their company to ensure they stand out within the market.

Positioning a brand successfully in the market requires careful planning and marketing. Whether your company is a small, medium or large operation, when it comes to building a high-profile brand and promoting your organisation efficiently, one must understand all the numerous promotional tools available. One of the most forgotten and effective marketing tools available are printed customised labels.

Labels benefit companies who want to reinforce their company logo or brand on their packaging, letters, envelop or documents in an economically sound way. Without your customers having a reinforced brand image you will struggle to keep your business in current consumers’ minds eye and have trouble attracting new consumers to your business.

It is important to get a proper reputable printing company to produce your labels so they look professional and set you apart from your competitors. Messy, hand-written, smudged print labels do not send an attractive message to your customers and potential clients – they make your company look cheap and incompetent. By choosing a dependable and forward- thinking print company you can choose labels from a range or designs and colours, or generate your own label design. 

Companies such as discountbannerprinting.co.uk print their stickers with premium eco-friendly solvent inks. This helps to stop your labels from fading so they remain excellent quality for years to come.

For businesses looking to attract a further customer base, printed window stickers and window graphics can also be a great marketing option. Window stickers and graphics are a great way to promote your brand in high exposure areas to catch your passing trade. They can be used across large shop windows, property windows, vehicle windows and even house windows. Again, like labels they can be designed to fit your company brand or to promote a special product or promotion you may have. They can be placed outside or inside a window. Good quality stickers should be bright, vivid, weather resistant, fade resistant and durable. When choosing a sticker ensure they fit in with your company and are as eye-catching as possible. If you are having trouble with your design good printing companies such as discountbanner.co.uk can help you come up with a design that fits your brief and will make as much noise about you as possible.

Stickers can also be more interesting than standard labels will benefit generate more excitement with your customers. When buying high-quality print labels or stickers, it is always important to consider your target audience – apart from promoting your company what else do you want it to say about you? Are you looking to promote a product or discount? Get a specific message across? This will help you choose what type of label to go for and ensure you will stay in your customers or clients minds.


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