What to include on your banner

17/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Vinyl banner printing for small to medium sized businesses is one the cheapest and overall effective ways of advertising. However, it’s vital that all of your banners include some fundamental details as well as making sense, being written in a clear font and portraying the message you want. In order to make sure that your banner works for you, be sure to take note of the following points:


You can use banner printing to advertise many different features of your business. However, make sure that what you intended to be advertised is covered clearly in your outdoor banner. For example, if you are highlighting a particular sale, make sure the date, times and location is included. Remember to be precise and get to the point quickly.


It’s always vitally important to make sure you include the phone number, address, logo and website of your business as well as email address, the message you want to portray and a short slogan. The slogan needs to be relevant to what you are advertising such as ‘Sale now on’ or ‘brand new products’ or ‘under new management’. You need to make sure that your vinyl or PVC banner contains enough information without being cluttered. If you say too much, you will put people off and they simply won’t have time t read it all.  As with too little information, too much information renders the banner virtually useless.

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