What is the colour of success? ignore it at your cost.

14/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

If you are considering any sort of advertising or marketing campaign then colour will probably play a large part in it, in fact little know by many is the fact that colour actually plays a key role in the success or failure of that campaign.

The use of colour in design artwork is dictated by certain factors that are fixed by brand, however colour can convey mood, it can transform the thought patterns. It is no co-incidence that sales people love to drive bright red cars, and why the walls of hospitals are always soft pastels designed to calm and soothe.

If your product is aimed at calming and soothing then pale pastels greens and greys, if you want to fire someone up, then oranges and reds will do the trick. Colour is the king of mood, ‘he just saw red’ it was a red rag to a bull’ common sayings, all with good basis in fact.

Good designers know what colours to use, and will do it automatically, they have been trained to pick complimentary colours to ensure there is no ‘turn off’ by the brain of the reader. Complimenting colours can enhance the advert, they can set the stage for the call to action.

Green is mother earth, brown and blue the favourites of many men, but hard blue. Red the first colour babies recognise, and the ever so sexy (to women) purple! Who would have thought it? I mean to say it is pure co-incidence that a famous chocolate bar is wrapped in purple foil. Isn’t it?

Colour is such an important part of advertising success, and sadly it is the most ignored, as people often decide the banner will lead with Blue and secondary red, because dark blue and red are our corporate colours. Paying absolutely no heed to the fact that the banner is meant to appeal to women felling stressed!

When it comes to designing your banner or advert, we all think we know best, but taking the lead of your designer is a wise thing to do, as he or she will know what is best for the overall package to succeed.


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