PVC Banners Eye Catching, Attractive and Affordable

13/09/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

The use of banners as a marketing medium has come more and more to the fore as costs have become more affordable and within the reach of even the smallest of businesses.

You may also have heard PVC banners referred to as Vinyl banners, Plastic banners, advertising banners, customized banners, printed banners or full colour banners.

The arrival of wide format digital banner printing has transformed the simple advertising banner. PVC Vinyl banners have always been a popular form of promotion because they are large, inexpensive, robust and use nil cost space to get your advertising message across. The low cost of set up afforded by large format digital printing means that far more complex designs can now be employed.

Full colour printing is achievable? In the past banners would either have been sign written or more recently have self adhesive vinyl added. Sign written banners could take a long time and intricate designs cost more where as vinyl lettering had a disposition to peel away from the banner. Now solvent based inks used in large format digital printing give vibrant durable colour with the most complicated design you wish.

The task is simple your design is done using a design software bundle then more or sent to print in the background. Advanced RIP software is used to process the file for printing and control colours to ensure that exact colour matching occurs, or as near as possible anyhow. Unlike desktop publishing output to your desktop printed files used to print banners need to be much larger to get the necessary image quality. This requires a high powered computer capable of handling the task without crashing. added to this the amount of space required to file swap, you can see that it is not something that any old machine can handle.

Print quality is getting better all the time the gap between PVC banner quality and exhibition graphic quality is much smaller. Since vinyl promotion banners are viewed from a greater distance the text and images are much bigger the quality does not need to be of exhibition standard, and this is also a factor.

The most popular material by far for banners is PVC or vinyl. This PVC banner material more often than not has a nylon weave inside it to give it added durability for external banner usage. Vinyl banners are normally finished with a turned edge. This double thickness again gives more strength and a good anchor point eyelets which are the preferred method of fixing a banner.

Cross street vinyl banners will often have a wire or bolt rope through pockets on the banner to make for easier hanging. When a banner is to viewed from both sides the standard vinyl allows 'show through' to avoid this 'blackout' material can be specified, this blackout material will allow your message to be readable from either side, should the positioning demand it.

Almost any size banner can be manufactured. Depending on the depth of the PVC banner the material my well need to be joined down the middle but from normal viewing distance it will appear seamless.

Design relies on whether you are using the banner as a backdrop or and advertisement. When designing a banner for advertising keep in mind you often only have a few seconds to grab the eye of those viewing it, so don't' cram your banner with to much information. Keep it simple, Keep it clear, hit them with the main message.

There are many ways to hang your banner, you can even purchase banner stands to allow them to free stand without the need of a fixed structure. Most people prefer the good old fashioned tried and tested, 'tie the banner to something that doesn't move' method. This is normally a fence, or a building, or possibly scaffolding. The actual fixing material can range from simple rope, through cable tied, gardening wire or even bunjee chords. One thing is certain, and that is make sure your Banner is solidly fixed, and will not flap, and, just like when choosing somewhere to live or work. the golden key is

Location Location Location.


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