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26/08/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

You’ve probably seen banners before in various uses – from the signage on a store front to plain and simple advertising of products and services. The right eye-catching banner can increase brand awareness and increase sales. However, there are more options than just simple PVC banners which might make an advertising banner even more useful for what you need.

Here are the range of banners we have on offer:

PVC banners - our standard banners made of thick durable vinyl, with vibrant printing which is weather proof and UV protected, You can hang our banners straight off the eyelets included as standard on all our banners

Mesh Banners – These banners look like any other banner, except on closer inspection, they’re made of a fine mesh. This allows wind to pass straight through, which reduces the incessant flapping in windy outdoor conditions. The mesh banner still retains 75% of its printable surface though, so it’s just as vibrant and clear as our PVC banner range.

Banner frames – Banner frames allow you to hang your banner up where a wall or other suitable surface isn’t available, we can even supply custom fit frames to fit the size of your custom banner.

All our banners are printed in vibrant full colour inks in any size – from a few feet to many meters. Looking for something which isn’t offered on our site? Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. You might be surprised at what we can achieve with some high quality printers, professional equipment and a good bit of know how.

All our banners come with the usual service from DiscountBannerPrinting, including free first class post, free Royal Mail special delivery for orders over £100, free basic graphic design (if required) first class customer support and much more!


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