Getting the Interest of a potential customer

24/09/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

In our first article we covered getting the attention, now we move into the second stage of the buying process INTEREST!

We need to make sure that having grabbed the attention, we now get them interested in what we have, and the way to do this is with a good headline.  A classic mistake in banner advertising is to lead with the wrong text. While M&S or VIRGIN, British Airways etc can get away with leading using their names, DS Phillips Builders can’t!

The banner headline is crucial, get this wrong and you lose the attention and fail to get the interest, which means no sale.

FREE is a great word, regardless of what people say, FREE will grab the eye and get people interested in reading further, it is a bridge between attention and interest. 

FREE GIFT with each quotation for Windows. Is a good headline, it also moves forward to the next stage which is the desire element.

Which of the headlines below is the more interesting?


DS Phillips Builders are offering a free MP4 Player with window quotes.




FREE MP4 PLAYER with any window quote at DS Phillips

There really is no contest, it is the second one, and the reason for that is because it was interesting. It also takes the reader on nicely to the next stage, which is to desire.


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