02/09/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Discountbannerprinting.co.uk has been launched as a way to order many forms of printing online. With the easy-to-use order interface, people can now order low priced, high quality printed products within minutes. So, if you have have an itch for some printed marketing materials, then here’s what we can offer:


Any size and any shape with a huge range of material choices and adhesive types. You’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive choice of stickers anywhere else! You can choose from one of our many standard shapes, or we can create something completely unique which fits your design. Permanent or semipermanent adhesive is also available, and we can give your stickers a smooth matt or shiny gloss finish.

To top it off, they’ll be printed on high quality vinyl with high-resolution, full-colour printing.


Size isn’t the limit when it comes to banners. We can create a banner in any size you need out of quality vinyl. Our standard PVC banners are ideal for most circumstances, whilst we have mesh banners available for windy conditions. Eyeleting and hemming is included as standard, along with vibrant highres, full-colour printing.


Our selection of frames can allow you to put up your banner pretty much anywhere you want! They’re sleek, sturdy, light, easy-to-assemble and look great.
Roller banners One of our full-colour roller banners can really look impressive in any premises. It will arrive in a sleek package, but once you roll down the banner, it will reveal your graphic printed in vivid colour and clarity. They’re light, and they can be propped up anywhere.

Window graphics

These stickers are great if you want to get some promotion on those windows. It really grabs the attention of any passersby and looks very impressive. Our window graphics, like all our other products, are printed on strong vinyl with high resolution printing for a great look.

Floor graphics

Floor graphics can really stand out as a huge advertisement, right there below your feet. However, they get understandably get trampled on, so they need to be extremely tough, and vivid enough so they don’t fade away as time goes by. Our floor graphics are made out of thick laminated vinyl and printed with bright high-res colours, so they’re made to go the distance.

Vehicle graphics

Cars and Vans can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people per hour, so a bright vehicle graphic can really grab attention and promote your brand. Our vehicle graphics can be in any shape or size, with vivid, high-res printing, strong vinyl and full weather/UV resistance.


Our boards and a-frames are lightweight, strong, and easy to put anywhere for some great promotion. We also include high-res, full-colour printing to help it stand out even more.

Outdoor signage

If you need any type of outdoor signage, we can probably help! Just ask.


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