Digital printing on vinyl banners

09/09/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

With the development of technology, banner advertising has come to mean two things; an online advertising process and the more traditional printed means of advertising. While online advertising has its uses, printed banners is still one of the most effective ways of getting a message across – whatever that message may be. They are best placed outside and can fill a large space. They are easily rolled up and stored away and are usually made from durable material which keeps the banner looking like new.

In the past decade, banners have become far more versatile than they used to be and this is because of the introduction of new material. They used to be painted on cloth, wood or on some kind of thin plastic (pexiglas). Today however, most banners are far more durable and can be used time and time again. Banners are increasingly being used instead of permanent signs as they are far more cost effective and can be changed if need be.  

One of the most popular materials for printed banners is vinyl. This is because it suits both indoor and outdoor banner, is very durable, looks good, compliments the bright and vivid colours and will withstand all weather; even the worst the British winters can throw at us!

The best printing method for vinyl banners is digital printing. This is a low cost, quick and easy method which has developed with time. The entire digital process is very simple and includes all artwork, any photos there might be, company logos, background art and all text.

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