Banner display for branding and awareness.

08/10/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Here we will touch on something that is often overlooked, and that is using the banner to brand your business. One of the most important aspects of marketing is your brand, the branding of a product or business can go a long way to setting up expectancy and perception.

While most businesses will never become an M&S, or a McDonalds, do you need to? If your clients are local, then you only need to be branded as the go to business in your locality within your niche. Do that and you have branded your business as the local equivalent of a Blue Chip Company.

SO how can you do this? How can you brand yourself as such a business.  The saying goes, tell people something enough times, and they will believe it. Research says that if we see something seven times, it is then set in our minds. So if you have a banner that people see day in day out, then the message will be subconsciously ingrained on their brain. When they want your service, they are more likely to think of you. You will have branded yourself.

The main element of a brand is a theme, and it should be company wide, a logo, a set colour or style of font. Would you really trust a business that had red business cards, blue vans, and yellow letterheads, all with different artwork logs etc on? I doubt you would, subconsciously your brain would be crying out caveat emptor BUYER BEWARE!

Even the smallest business should consider their branding. Same logo on all communication, and same tagline will re-enforce your brand.  Many businesses who have roadside adjacent properties miss the trick of using that to display and promote their brand, and their offers. People pay a small fortune for display hoardings while others ignore this opportunity to use the walls they have already paid for.

If people drive past your business, then think about branding and think about advertising. Then do both. Talk to your designer and use the same branding of colour font style and logo across your range. And, before you know it you will be the go to guy in your locality.


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