7 Top Reasons for using Banner Printing to Promote your Business

24/11/2010  | by: Shaun Cleary

Advertising promotional banners have become the weapon of choice for the local marketer.  There is no doubt that the way to get business is to shout it out and get in the faces of your potential customer.

Here we list 7 reasons why an ever growing army of businesses are turning to banners as their first choice advertising medium.


  1. Hi Visibility.  Banners are lightweight and are easily placed this makes them highly visible as they can be placed alongside a road or high up on a building. Being seen is the first step to getting business

  2. Lightweight portability. Your banner can be moved easily, sometimes within second. This means that it can be put out in the morning and removed at night, or, simply re-sited to hit people at different times

  3. Flexibility of size. Banners can be printed in many different shapes and sizes, and can be cut to suit the exact space you have available in which to display your printed banner.

  4. Colour Availability. Today a modern printed banner can be printed in anything from a single colour solid block font, to a photographic display advert in glorious weatherproof outdoor ink. This allows you to show the inside of your business, or for example a beautiful wedding reception, all in full colour

  5. Font styles. As your banner will be printed using a computer to design and print, the range of font styles (text styles) is almost infinte, allowing you to retain corporate identity, or simply to portray your business as you wish.

  6. Weatherproof banners. A wide range of material is available, including vinyl Banners, PVC banners, Plastic banners, and mesh banners (sometimes called building wrap). All of the above names and materials are weatherproof, carrying a long term guarantee of colour fastness and durability. Mesh for example allows the wind to pass through the banner, which results in less damage potential. The print quality however does not suffer.

  7. Low Cost. Thanks to mass production and low cost materials, todays banners cost a fraction of what they used to with a 6’ X 2’ banner costing sometimes as low as £30. The low cost results in what can only be described as a golden opportunity to promote yourself in full colour to tens of thousands of people, for less than the cost of a few flyers or leaflets.


There can be no doubt, no question, that banner printing is a go forward medium, and all the best businesses are building banner advertising into their marketing strategy.


Are you?


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