5 clever and unique ways to promote your business

15/06/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

Due to the current economy many freelancers and small and medium sized businesses are fighting to get heard.  With such competition out there it’s hard to make you or your company get noticed but with interesting and thought out promotional techniques it’s very possible.

Below are our 5 clever and unique ways to promote your business to make sure your company is the one that stands out from the crowd.

Use vehicle graphics and stickers

Adding vehicle graphics or stickers to your van, motorbike or car, can be a great way to advertise your company. Research shows a busy vehicle can be seen by up to 3000 people in a single hour – that’s a lot of potential customers you can reach as you get out and about on the roads. Rethink your vehicle as an advertising tool rather than a method of getting from A to B and be sure to choose something that is visually striking out and sums up your company and brand. If you are a little hesitant about turning your vehicle into a permanent advertising board opt for removable gloss as it can be removed after 6 months of application – great news if you are just looking to promote a special offer or campaign.

Barter with other businesses

A clever way to get yourself noticed is to offer your services in exchange for others you might need. There are good examples of this. At Discount Banner Printing we heard of one client, whose key demographic was students, had asked a local student take away company if they could put personalised stickers on their pizza boxes in exchange for links or promotion on their website. This mutually benefited both businesses and drove up exposure for both of them. Therefore, when your company needs to promote itself it’s always worth approaching businesses that are not your competitors but have the same target audience to see what you can offer in exchange for something you want from them.

Send out a memorable mailshot or newsletter

If you’ve just started out or have been in business for years there is no harm in reminding people you are out there and are available.

If you haven’t already, put together a database or list of all the people that have enquired or used your services and send them a mailshot detailing what you have been up to and what you can offer – give a discount or special offer to entice them if possible.

If you are just starting out, look at local companies who you feel can benefit from your services. Make your mailshot personal and memorable to that company, outlining how you or your company can benefit them so they will understand you’ve researched them thoroughly. Even if they do not require your services at the time, it’s likely you would have made a good impression from taking the time to get to know them and will therefore be considered for future work.

Unusually placed banners

Empty fields or bridges near busy motorways can be a great place to advertise your business – just think of all the passing motorists!

By placing a well-designed banner in one of these unusual places can really make you stand out. If planning to put them in a windy place use mesh as they are windproof and durable. Work with your local printing company to make sure they are as striking and noticeable as possible and please ensure you get permission to put it up first!

Write free article for other publications

The rise of freelancers and small businesses has meant a huge rise in online and print publications and blogs giving free advice to help businesses succeed. Many of these publications or websites are happy to receive free articles if they think you have an idea or can share knowledge to other businesses can benefit from. Carefully select a few publications and email the editor with your proposed idea. If they think your article will stand out they will likely accept your article in exchange for a couple of lines and links about you the author. This will not only help you and your company to become noticed but also get people clicking to your website improving your SEO and online presence.


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