Why Vehicle Stickers are an Investment

10/07/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

Investing in vehicle stickers and signage is one of the most cost efficient ways in which to advertise. Unlike, costly marketing agencies and the high cost of adverts, vehicle stickers allow your own personal vehicle to reach numerous audiences on an ever changing basis and is a one off cost. This makes it an extremely economic manner  by which to advertise. Here are a number of things to consider.


Make your Pound go Further

If you put an advert in a paper, or magazine your more than likely only going to be advertising for the lifespan of that paper or magazine. In the case of TV commercials, you're paying a premium price for something that may only last 30 seconds, and unless you're a very large business will only be able to show it at times of the day when there are fewer people watching. Vehicle advertisements are on the go 24/7, wherever your car or van may be. Meaning they can get hundreds, or thousands of impressions every hour.



People have a positive opinion of companies with advertising on cars, vans or trucks and it creates an impression of being established and professional. This is all of course positive for your company and makes for successful marketing.



The vast majority of people in the UK have been in a vehicle in the last week and most of them have noticed advertising on the side of vehicles. This of course means you can encapsulate a large audience. It also creates the reinforcing positive perception that your business is coming to or going to provide a service or make a delivery. This will create a positive feeling towards your company or brand and make for a positive impact on your business.



There are a lot of restrictions with where you can place advertising and planning permission as well  as costs in certain areas. Mobile vehicle stickers allow you a lot more freedom at a lower cost. This means you can advertise in areas that may cost significant sums of money. You also advertise to those on their way to and from work, when stuck in traffic. In turn these people often have more disposable income and so are more likely to have money to spend on your goods. These people often have children, another very powerful market to reach out to.


The Signs

In car signs are made to last for long periods of time and so are valuable assets. As these signs tend to be treated with materials that prevent the likelihood of fading, they create a positive impression for a long time. They also have no ongoing costs and once you invest a moderate amount of money you have something that will last for a long period of time.  The variety of stickers signs on offer as well as the finishes and techniques, make it likely your needs can be quickly and easily met, allowing for your sign to be in functioning order within a short period of time.  


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