The Great Uses of QR Codes

27/07/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

You may have seen QR codes and wondered whether they were some sort of strange new barcode on packaging. Then again you may have some sort of familiarity with these mobile phone related codes.

Essentially, QR codes or Quick Response codes as they are known are small square boxes with a barcode like range of dots and shapes inside. These devices can be read by smart phones and specific QR code readers and though you may not believe it, often have a significant amount of data inside.

To utilise a QR code, users simply place the smartphone’s camera over it and scan. This in turn opens the embedded QR code technology and can lead to anything from an email address, to an online game to a business card. Of course, these suggestions may come across as a little vague, however with a little imagination there is any number of things these printed codes can do for your business.

These codes are simple to create and can be printed on almost anything, from a milk carton to a huge billboard. This means that anything you print on can in fact be completely interactive – something you wouldn’t have initially envisaged when you design your latest flyer.

QR codes have been used for all sorts of amazing campaigns and for all sorts of innovative uses in the recent past. Here are some of the most interesting uses that will give you an idea of the potential these QR codes can provide you with.

Estate Agents
Starting small – QR codes are the perfect addition to an estate agents bill board outside a property. The QR code can direct the individual to a site with all the information, images and even live videos of the property on their phone within an instant. This is an amazing feat and one that can engage and win those customers.

Tesco in Korea
Tesco placed a number of virtual stores in underground train stations across Seoul. Commuters simply did their shopping when waiting for a train by clicking on QR codes of the products they wanted. These QR codes were then sent to the shopping basket of the customer and the shopping delivered to their home. This was a great, fast way to escape the drudgery of the shops and make commutes more efficient, while ensuring time is better spent.

Numerous museums have placed QR codes next to artefacts. When visitors click on these images they end up with a video or audio commentary of the item on their smart phone.

Companies and restaurants place QR codes on their wine, meaning people can simply scan and get all the details on the wine, the vineyard and other information they require. This QR code usage means not having to scribble down and ask for details when out and about – a real saver for wine lovers.

Time Tables
Some smart travel companies are offering users QR codes on timetables. This allows them to see a live update of the train times on screen – perfect if the train is running late or if you’re in a rush.



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