Ensuring your Labels are the Best they can Be

20/06/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

One of the most cost efficient ways to make an impact in the printing field is through the use of labels. These simple, but extremely effective little additions can really raise awareness and get through to a target audience. So, how do you make your labels stand out?


We all want to see labels and images that look attractive and appealing. These label designs should work with the company's logo and produce an attractive piece that's more than the sum of its parts. Consider the logo, font and graphics, which should look good separately, complement each other and also be comprehensible. Always be aware your labels should look better in print than on the screen and should be created to get instant attention.


colour swatch.jpg

The quality of the colours (6 colour machines vs 4) and printing options (resolution) used for labels tells in the result. Remember, there are two common types of colours when designing RGB (monitor) and CMYK (print) so it is best to design in CMYK to see what the end result will look like for print.

Also remember that certain colours portray different messages here is a colour guide



The font or the style of text you use on the labels is also very important. Choosing the wrong font or too much text can mean a label can't be comprehended and so is of absolutely no use whatsoever. Make sure the font is large enough, visible and has all you require on the logo. Be certain it complements the logo and the rest of the design.

Size Matters


size matters.jpg


Be aware of the shape and size of the label. Labels of course come in all sizes, shapes and designs; however this can lead to much confusion and make it hard to choose. Make sure the label is a suitable size for the job and will be suitable for where you intend on it being placed. Remember the larger the label the more it will cost, however remember it should also be large enough to be readable.





One of the most important factors in the production of a label is the quality of the produce used in its construction. Good labels and great printing technology, alongside the use of high end inks make for the best quality images and labels. Be aware that many inks are not waterproof and if you intend on using your labels outside then you should consider a water proof option. This should also be considered if your labels are going on items that may contain liquid, or may become moist. Whether this is the case or not, quality materials shine through in all other scenarios.

Use this guide for advice on how to ensure you are getting the best quality labels for your business.




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