Avarus Valves Matt Stickers

17/09/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary


Avarus Valves

Our adhesive stickers are possibly our most versatile product and Avarus Valves, a highly adaptable company themselves, have been more than delighted with the products we made for them.

Avarus required a label that was both versatile, low in cost and also of a high quality as these items are often placed in all sorts of places. Our adhesive labels fitted the bill exactly and are made from our high quality vinyl, which adds resistance from tearing, water fading and is as you may have guessed highly durable.

Avarus provide a wide range of air valves for heavy industries, many of whom work offshore or in severe environments and so need something strong and resilient. Of course, just because our adhesive stickers and labels are strong doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t highly attractive.

High Resolution

Our stickers come in high resolution, 1440dpi digital prints and are exactly the quality you would expect from us. The brilliant, bright colours and great eco-solvent inks mean that not only are they attractive, they are eye-catching and also green. They also come with a range of finishes to suit your requirements or what you feel is most suitable for your business. This means we provide the labels or stickers in permanent gloss, a permanent matt or a great removable gloss that allows it to be removed easily within the first six months. We also offer the choice of lamination, which doubles the durability (3-5 years un-laminated & 7 - 10 years lamianted) and is ideal for businesses like Avarus, who work in harsh environments or climates.

Delivery is the same as it is with our other products and we provide a 1-2 day turn around and FREE first class delivery – could you expect anything less? If your order is over £100 then we’ll even throw in Royal Mail Special Delivery for completely free. What more can you ask for?

Oh, and if you want an instant quote please view our adhesive stickers page and just use our ordering calculator on the right hand side or if you have any questions just contact us here.


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