Andel Ltd gloss stickers

23/07/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

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Environmental protection company Andel Ltd is a repeat customer of ours, who came to us looking for high quality self-adhesive labels for their green business. After, having had a look through our array of products, they decided on our permanent gloss range, essentially because of its permanent adhesive backing and attractive and bright gloss finish.

Of course, we were more than happy to supply these high resolution stickers and they were more than happy to receive 1440dpi images, exactly the way they expected them.

Durability and Quality

Andel, who use our stickers for a wide range of applications, know the durability of the high quality vinyl, which offers excellent resistance to scratching and tearing, as well as to fading and water. This was a perfect fit for Andel, who need a tough product as many of their stickers are placed on goods, which are situated in less than idyllic places. Our quality, tough adhesive stickers were the perfect solution and we allowed Andel to decide on a custom approach, meaning they could design the stickers to be cut in whatever size or shape they wanted.

Speedy Delivery

Obviously, we passed with more than flying colours, as Andel has been a customer of ours for a period now and have expressed more than satisfaction with our service, experience and efficiency. Our 1-2 day turn around kept them more than happy and their art work came out looking fantastic, showing we have the Holy Grail and can produce high quality prints quickly. This mixture of speed and quality control has seen Andel among others as satisfied return customers we more than enjoy dealing with.

If you would like any form of stickers or would like to contact us for a related print job, feel more than happy to contact us.


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