Dub Klub Car stickers

07/08/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

white ink dub club.jpg

One of the most iconic signs in the motor industry is VW and we knew when Dub Klub a chilled out Volkswagen owners club came to us looking for white ink stickers, we had to produce something special.

Dub Klub wanted us to create clear stickers with white ink inside the logo and text and we were more than happy to meet the high standards asked. Our clear stickers were ideal and could be made to the exact shape Dub Klub wanted. We use high end techniques to eradicate the issues that hampered printing gradients on these stickers. This means we could offer Dub Klub the exact sort of image they wanted – no matter how complex. We’re sure, they’re happy with the job and we were too.

We were well aware that being a car club these stickers would be subject to the elements and so, our high end vinyl was ideal as it is scratch resistant and also fade, tear and water resistant. This means that no matter how the weather was in Burton on Trent the stickers would easily stand the test of time.

All our stickers are printed to 1440dpi and so are extremely high in resolution and look fantastic. They also are very vivid, bright and impressive. Of course, they’re also made from environmentally friendly ink and so cause no harm whatsoever to the green grasses of the UK, while remain steadily fastened to whatever they are added to with our permanent adhesive backing.

Dub Klub, who are always willing to engage more members were so happy they also came back to us and asked for some of our banners and cling stickers – all of which are delivered for free and in their case as it was over £100, received Royal Mail Special Delivery.

All of which was completed to a very high standard and one we feel did this great club and their love of autos justice. 


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