Colours and Messages they Convey

25/06/2012  | by: Shaun Cleary

Colour is probably the best way to convey or communicate something other than writing. It’s a subtle but very strong trigger that can really hit the emotions of a person. Different colours have the effect of exciting, saddening, inspiring or depressing a person who come in touch with them.

 It’s not even that simple, there are other factors to do with colour that also add to the feelings and perceptions the viewer feels. The likes of hue and saturation levels can also create certain impressions of feelings. While this is only the cusp of the art of relaying messages, let’s have a look at what certain colours mean.


Black is often seen used with luxury products and often gives the impression of simple elegance and expensive taste. Think of luxury fashion brands and you’ll be sure that this colour is included in their marketing. 


One of the most commonly used colours in marketing and advertising. Blue is often used by corporate and financial companies as it conveys the impression of reliability creates confidence and is conservative in nature. It also is used to create the idea of freshness.


Refreshing, healing and natural; green is the colour of tress, plants and nature and is used to soothe. From 7-up and sprite who like to convey a refreshing feeling to environmental brands, green offers wide scope for use.


Following on from the natural green is brown, which gives an earthy impression and is the perfect colour to create the idea of security and a sense of substance. It’s often used with foods and drinks of a similar colour.


Purple is the colour of elegance, sensuality and royalty. It’s often used for flower shops, lingerie and other sensual uses. Its complexity means its uses are limited.


The most racy and stimulating of all colours, it’s sexy and dynamic and used to achieve notice. It’s aggressive, demands attention and shouts look at me. When you think of red branding Coca Cola and Ferrari are perhaps the two that come to mind and neither is demure in its marketing.


Energetic and playful, orange is a colour that most people can relate with. It’s especially used in kids marketing. Think fruit drinks, Nickelodeon and other similar child orientated products.


Yellow is quite like orange in its associations and reminds us of summer, fun and joy – a pretty positive colour so. It also grabs attention. McDonalds and Kodak use this colour to demand attention and to create the image of happy go lucky products.

Of course, as we said previously, different saturations, hues and changes in other areas of colour change impression of the product dramatically. However, the above is the fundamental understanding of each colour in their purest form and show the feelings often associated with the particular colour.


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